TSM003- Type II/IIR, ear loops
0.09 € 0.09 € 0.09 EUR
Nose and mouth protection
made of odorless non-woven fabric,
3-ply; inside white, outside blue,
a micro-germ filter in between;
with nose clip and
elastic band for fixing.
Retail box a50 pcs
Delivery box a2500pcs
Medizinische Maske!
TSM101- FFP2 CE without valve, ear loops
0.20 € 0.20 € 0.2 EUR
Price per piece!
- made of 5-layer and odorless non-woven fabric
- made of melt-blown nonwoven layer
- in between an electrostatic filter and an antibacterial filter layer
- Color: inside & outside white
- Fastening: nose clip and elastic straps for wearing
- each mask is hygienically packed individually in foil
- Durability: 5 years from manufacture
Special feature:
- This FFP CE mask is latex, nickel and rosin (colophonium) free!
- The packaging is ARA licensed!